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Do you have a recurring dream of someone chasing you taking place night after night? Do you know someone who haspredictive” dreams or maybe you are that person? Or maybe, you want just to know about “lucid dreaming” in depth… It you answered these questions ten or fifteen years ago, answering would have been at least troublesome.  Psychologists and philosophers have always tried to explain the process behind the most common dreams, depicting fascinating hypothesis under our eyes…


In the first decade of this century, science has gone miles ahead towards the solution of this sensational enigma, and often failed to expose the results to a popular audience with simple words. That’s the purpose behind “How to interpret your Dreams”.


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Decode your “dreams code”: there is one to each of us and symbols are the language that your subconscious mind uses to talk to you. Learning to decode these “special hidden meanings” could positively affect your health and well-being;


Learn basic and advanced techniques on how to remember your dreams: how many times you tried unsuccessfully to collect the pieces of wonderful, strange or weird dreams that had happened to you? A special chapter on this guide will instruct you about the art and science to remember your dreams when you awake;


Learn the truth behind common dream themes: forget about the clutter that you may have read in the past, as even the most accredited previous interpretations were 100% wrong (according to RECENT researches);


Learn when and why nightmares appear and how to get rid of them by following some simple steps;


Be prepared to revise any previous belief you may have about dreams, as this book will show you that dreaming is a mind-opening experience, not some confused or abstract artifact of your own mind! Mysteries having been investigated by modern-day scientists include…


Why some dreams seems to be associated with painful sensations

Why mind seems to erase the reveries of some dreams, and some individuals actually believe that dreams NEVER happen to them.

A thorough deconstruction of the “taboo” myth: what’s the real importance of “removed memories” in dream generation?

Why dreams have nothing to do with meals, fatigue or sleeping postures.


After reading “How to interpret your Dreams”, you will be perfectly able to recognize the meaning behind their content, frequency, nature; you will be aware of what’s going on in your subconscious reality and not just that: having this book in your toolset is like going to sleep with your eyes wide open on everything that is happening inside of you!

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